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Missing the point #6 & [Am I full of shit? #2]: Why am I getting a tattoo of Snufkin today?* (Especially since he’s maybe the last person who’d see the point in getting one) *Actually,2 of him and 2 of what he says.

What’s the point of tattoos?

I don’t know and it might be different for every person, but today I’m getting this done on one arm:

And this on the other:

With this text somewhere too:

It’s so exciting… Things which you have no control over… You can see a great big storm coming and you can’t do anything about it.

(From this):

But why?

If embracing the chaos, letting go of control and having that level of calm Snufkin has during a storm matters so much to me, can’t I just access those pictures and what he says in my mind anytime?

I don’t know. The goal could be to do that. And maybe having a constant physical visual reference is a copout. And if physical appearance matters shit, aren’t I full of shit and contradicting myself but getting something aesthetic permanently on my body?

Possibly. But I also do know that Snufkin’s character is the only thing I’ve actually thought was meaningful enough to me (and worth) to get permanently on my body. For this reason, and this, and this. If I’m going through a tough time, a fortunate time, get caught by a red light camera meaning I have to pay a $255 fine, my car breaks down meaning I have no way to drive anywhere anymore, I get cancer, when I get old, when I go bald, if my girlfriend leaves me, when my dog–and the most important thing to me in the world– Chunky dies, if I lose my job, if my best mate gets eaten by a grizzly bear in Alaska, if I can’t get into university, I want that quick access reminder that the only thing worth focusing on are the things you can control.

The ocean tides, the storm and the rain have raged on for millions of years and will continue to rage on for billions of years after I’ve gone, so no matter what, hard times are good because they make you stronger and feel alive, and the good times, well they can be fucken great. Even the simplest times. If the tough times and trials make you better and stronger and the times of real human connection to other people or natural connection to the constant, billions-year-old cycles of nature are what make you feel alive, then that means it’s possible to embrace all those things.

Like Snufkin:

If I go blind though, okay yep, I’ll put my hand up and admit it was a waste of money.