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Me vs. Seth Godin

Seth Godin writes these pint-sized and punchy posts every day on his blog. Each post is a meaningful and useful new perspective on something we do or how we see things, in life or in an area of business or technology.

He’s an authority on marketing, business and making an impact. He’s written 17 books, has a net worth of $34 million and a lot of people listen to him – to anything he has to say.

And Seth Godin and I have these things in common:

and of course don’t forget,

He also has these funky, orange glasses, whereas mine have a twisted, steel, paper staple keeping the right arm attached to the frames, in place of the tiny screw that fell out months ago and I don’t want to get replaced because I hate shopping centres and don’t want to spend any extra time there:

But, Seth Godin has his thing. And even though my thing is so different from his, I’m figuring out what mine is. If it’s just being another dumbass who asks stupid questions with no authority who doesn’t know anything, that’s cool. That means I’ve got so much to learn about so many things and a long (and probably interesting) road ahead of me.

We’ve all got our own thing and I think asking yourself ‘What do I care about?’ is the first step in working out what it is.