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This Makes Complete Sense: Instead of Singing The Word “California” Every Time It’s In A Song, You Can Sing The Word “Barcelona” And It’s Totally Fine

If you’re concerned that there’s exactly 813,004 songs about California but not that many about Barcelona, well you’re going to love this news! Because, guess what, if you replace the word “California” every time you hear it in a song with “Barcelona”, it makes total sense and is completely fine.

Wow, excellent! This is just what you’ve been waiting to hear, if what you’ve been waiting to hear is that it’s easy to change “California” to “Barcelona” and everything stays the same and is okay.

1. Phantom Planet – California  Barcelona

This is an easy one. Instead of “Californiaaaaaaaa….. Here we comeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”, you just sing “Barcelonaaaaaa….. Here we comeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”. Easy and normal. One of the references will be a little off, but if instead of singing “…drivin’ down the 101,” you sing “…drivin’ down the C-31/B20 Eix Costaner Autopista,” it’ll be absolutely fine.

2. Tupac – California Barcelona Love

Okay, this one is a bit trickier, but still, if you drop in “Barcelona” instead of every “California” in this track it’s acceptable and definitely not illegal. Don’t let the mentions of Compton, Diego to the Bay, Long Beach, Rosecrans, Oakland, LA, the west coast, South Central, Frisco, Pasadena, Inglewood and Sacramento throw you (not to mention the distinct West Coast beat), because this song can easily be about Barcelona. Thank you for recognising the capital city of Catalunya in pleasant musical form, Tupac!

3. Joni Mitchell – California  Barcelona

Released back in 1971, Joni Mitchell’s heartfelt ode to America’s Golden State can easily be about Barcelona (with a few tweaks). Just do the old switcheroo, replacing every “California” with “Barcelona”, and you’re all set. One thing: it might get a bit confusing in the part where she says:

So I bought me a ticket
I caught a plane to Spain…,

but that’s okay, because when she says “Spain,” just sing “The United States of America” in its place and you’re all set.

4. Ivan Ives – California Barcelona

Shit. Another hip-hop song full of local area-specific references. Fuck. Alright, don’t panic, because when you pump this song on your stereo as you’re driving your car around to go from one place you came from to the other one where you intend to go, you can still just yell “Barcelona every time Ivan Ives says “California and it makes total sense and is normal. Instead of “Sit back, sip that, you are now in California…“, how about “Sit back, sip that, you are now in Barcelona…”? Instead of “Arcata, it’s the weedtown”, why not sing “Sant Adria Del Besós, it’s the weedtown”? Where it’s “Cos ain’t shit to do in San Diego,” just drop in “Cos ain’t shit to to do in El Camp De L’Arpa Del Clot.” Simple and regular. Police won’t arrest you if you alter this song about a state on the Southern Pacific Coast of the United States into one about a city on the east coast of the Iberian Peninsula.

5. Katy Perry – California Barcelona Gurls

You’d think Katy Perry’s song with Snoop Dogg about the female humans of California would be about California–and Californian girls–and nothing but. You’d be tragically wrong though, because this song is also about Barcelona if you melodically shriek Barcelona” every time she (or Snoop) says “California”. Badda-Bing-Badda-Boom, and you’re done. You’ve transformed this into a song that has nothing to do with Californee and something to do with Barcelonee! Congratulations!