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How long is a second? (and the only thing we are actually connected to)

How long is a second really?¹ Or a minute? An hour? A month? They’re all a man-made rigid scale of measurement assigned to measure something that is anything but man-made: nature. Do pelicans, ladybugs or garden weeds care about how many minutes (or seconds) until this or that? Do Golden retrievers or bullants or hibiscus trees care about time since that or this? Hell to shit nah.

There are moments of real connection, where we are reminded of the one true connection we have. Reminded that the only thing we ever truly belong to is nature. Not clubs, not organisations, no cliques or gangs or societies, relationships or groups. The only thing we’re part of is nature and natural moments where, for example you look up at and see the full moon, get your first glimpse at a thundering waterfall or walk up to the beach and that first moment when you see the pounding surf for the first time, reconnect us to what we belong to, where we came from and where we’ll return to. And Alexander Supertramp’s moment of connection above (from Into The Wild),  is exactly one of those moments.

¹ From One Second per Second Multiplied by One Second by Claudio Mazzola