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Local Man’s Divorce Approved By Family Court, Immediately Thrown Into The Pit Of Disgusting, Divorced Garbage Humans For Rest Of His Miserable Life

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA–A local man today had his divorce approved by the Family Court of Queensland and–not surprisingly–was immediately tossed into the garbage pit of other gross divorced humans to fester for the rest of his days as a disgusting abomination of tragic, repulsive, unattractive wretchedness.

The Pit, which is home to all divorcees across the world, is known as the place that every single person who’s ever had a marriage that wasn’t what they wanted is tossed into after their divorce is approved by their respective judicial system. Once a divorcee is thrown into The Pit, he or she is never permitted to date or even speak to a member of the sex they are attracted to and they are condemned to walk the earth for the rest of their days in crippling misery. Additionally, under the Divorce Act, they also shall never ever experience any emotion that even closely resembles even mild happiness, and should just be grateful if they are ever granted even a few seconds in their disgusting lives that another person even looks upon them as anything but the disgusting, rubbish, vermin-like pile of rags that they are.

It is well understood that after having their divorce approved, all dwellers of the Disgusting Divorcee Pit will never once again even have a conversation that doesn’t involve being spat on or insulted, and all divorcees are strongly advised to deeply appreciate any type of future interactions with another person that doesn’t result in them being physically assaulted, urinated or defecated on.