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If you managed to survive okay without something or someone before they came into your life, you can live without it after it’s gone

What’s the most important thing or person/people/animal in your life?

At some point they came into your life, right? But before that, you were fine living without them, so it’s realistic that you can be fine without them (And you will be without them at some point).

If you have a baby, meets someone you love, buy a house or phone, move to a new and exciting country, well, before it happened in the first place, you were fine not having it or doing it or living in that situation. So if it were possible to be okay before that thing became a part of your life, despite our tendency to worry that ‘I could never live without it when it’s gone’, or ‘It’s going to SUCK when I don’t have this anymore’, if you were fine before it was there, then it’s possible to be equally as content after it’s no longer there either.

It also helps you to appreciate the time you actually got with that person, animal or thing once it’s no longer there.

There’s 3 parts to everything you value in your life… You had your life before you brought it into your life, the times you got to share with them, and then your time after. The first can be the same as the last, and you were fortunate enough to spend as much time as you got to with the person or thing in part 2