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Life can be sweet lived in dreams, fantasies and fiction but it’s much more fun and exciting and REAL lived in reality (albeit emotionally dangerous and potentially heartbreaking) – The philosophy of: Amélie

The beauty of philosophy is not in its esoteric metaphysical theories, its circumlocutory dialogues or its dusty old texts. It’s in its power to help you see how to live life, and truly live and experience its raw, uncensored and potentially mindblowing (or headfucking) moments. Those moments of magic, those moments of true connection, whether to nature, a moment or a person.

So although Amélie lives a cushy, safe and remarkable life within her deeply hidden fantasies, illusions and how she idealises people and the world, she only truly lives, and experiences what it is to be human when she lays her heart on the line. When she risks, for the first time ever, actually having it broken.

And even though those moments of being vulnerable and revealing all to someone or the world are scary, and will potentially make you hate everything and everyone and just want to crawl into a whole and die, it’s also possible that it won’t. And maybe putting your heart on the line will lead to moments of euphoria, joy and/or love that will make you feel more alive than you ever have before. Or a point when someone may truly reach you and understand what it truly is like to be you.