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Kokomo by The Beach Boys – IMPOSSIBLE, according to the laws of physics, to listen to and be anxious or stressed or whatever

I love challenges. Because of this and this (but only if it’s worth it.)
And here’s one for you:
If you’re having a day where you’re worried, stressed or anxious, just watch this. Watch this and see if you still feel the same way. I actually think it’s physically impossible to.
This is the ultimate feel good song. For holidays, weekends, trips away, any day really.
But as they say towards the end, everyone knows a place like Kokomo (so you don’t actually have to fly to the Kokomo (especially say, for example. flights from London start at a minimum of $fuckload.) But wherever yours is,  you can always go there, if not in person, then anytime in your mind. Wherever yours is. And no one can stop you.