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Kings, philosophers and ladies, priests or beasts… they all shit – The philosophy of: Michel De Montaigne

Whether celebrity or idol, priest or beast, whether an unrequited love or the one we envy, they all shit.

Montaigne‘s blithe yet remarkably astute remark highlights for us the fact that whoever there is in this world, whether the most famous sports star, untouchable pop singer or even someone we know who doesn’t return our love, they all shit.

And this is the great leveller. Not for the mere mechanics of our digestive system, but more so that you, and everyone else, both around you, and out the wide world are essentially the same. They are neither greater nor inferior to you. They too feel anxiety, they too want desperately to be loved, to garner attention, fear getting old and ugly and alone or worry that they’re more stupid than any one else. It is a reminder that as a human, nothing truly matters in the grand scheme of the universe, but it also reminds us, within that insignificance, you are capable of whatever you want to do, because if the universe will just go on without any of us, why not take a risk?