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Kate Nash and Mallrat – Jamaican me smile

Think of a common and realistic love story. One where boy meets girl. Girl likes boy (a bit). Boy really likes girl. Boy gets awkward. Girl wants to know why he’s awkward. Guy tries explaining and makes things more awkward. But whatever, girl appreciates his effort and it makes her like him, especially for making himself look like an idiot in front of her.

That first stage of meeting someone you’re really into can be super cool and super cute. But it can also be super weird and painstakingly confusing and brutally awkward –full of oh-god-I-can’t-believe-I-just-said-that moments along with a lot of holy-shit-I-think-I-actually-LOVE-this-person-please god-just-don’t-be-an-idiot-and-fuck-this-up moments¹. It’s so cliche and formulaic, but it’s also a situation that’s as common as are homo sapiens and as old as the Neanderthals (how awkward would it’ve been for those guys; at least we’ve got language to try make things less awkward²).

That’s why this is the most realistic love song ever:

What Kate Nash has in common with reggae

There’s two types of music that no matter what, when you listen, you just cannot be upset –reggae and Kate Nash³.

Kate Nash’s songs are so charmingly down-to-earth and realistic, it sounds like you’re listening to your friend tell you what happened to her on the weekend. It’s a rare thing to be able to write and express yourself in such a seamlessly relatable, irreverent and endearing way. The banter in her songs make you smile and occasionally laugh, and you want to go to a pub and have a beer with her.

There’s someone else

Kate Nash’s not the only one who can do that. There’s one other person who’s got that talent: Mallrat. Her music’s got the same effect. She’s definitely got that Kate Nash genuine, quirky quality in her lyrics and music:


¹ I tried to kiss my now-wife less than two hours after we met, and I also told her ‘I’m going to remember this day forever’ about 10 minutes later*. Somehow I recovered from those disasters.
² Or did they also?
³ Also, Beach Boys.
Here’s how she replied: