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If you just one of billions of living humans ever to live, on a tiny speck of dust spinning on a rock in a vast cosmic arena, doesn’t it make sense to just live life driven entirely by emotion?

If no one is going to remember you eventually and you are just one of the billions that are alive right now and will go down as just one of the scores of billions that have ever left, what difference does it make whether you live your life pured basically on what your heart tells you to do?

Whether that’s falling hard for someone who you know isn’t your safest option, but makes your heart race (and it will most likely crash and burn), whether it moving to a foreign country based on a fantasy that you will be exactly like the protagonist in a movie that was set there, or whether it’s chasing a passion for art, or or music or sports that will lead to you changing your whole life, but it will lead to a life that is spent living, it’s probably going to be worth it. Worth spending your life based on what you want and how you want to live, versus the other safer, more mediocre, and possibly dire alternative.

For the more strategic, less risky path, maybe this’ll help: