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Was Socrates taking the piss when he said this? Isn’t saying ‘I don’t know anything’ still a form of knowing something? Instead of ‘I don’t know anything’, would it not have been more accurate to say ‘Do I know anything?’?

This is something that my mate Matt said the other day…

If Socrates was the wisest bloke human guy there ever was, and he used to say ‘There’s only one thing I know… that I don’t know anything,’ doesn’t that mean that he still claimed to know that fact –the fact that he knew nothing.

Homeboy Socrates was probably taking the piss when he said that though. Just like he challeneged people on their understanding of things down to their absolute fundamental value and meaning, he might have just been waiting for someone to challenge him when he said that. To say, ‘Yo Socrates what up? You just said one (if not two) things that you know;’

There’s not a much more dangerous phrase than saying ‘I know…’ because really, aside from man-made stuff, classifications and such, like what is the official language of the Philippines, how many points Michael Jordan scored in game 4 of the 1993 NBA Finals, or the difference between a sloth and an ant, what do we actually know for sure?

Instead of saying ‘I don’t know anything’, is it not healthier to say ‘Do I know anything?’