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Are you invincible? If you think it, you are.

If you think to yourself ‘I’m invincible’, what’s to say it’s not true?

Whatever you think about yourself, it’s true.

But I’m not saying in terms of the physical you. Because if someone walks up to you and shoots you with a handgun, point blank, right in the face, or walks up behind you and smashes you in the back of the legs with a cricket bat, you’re definitely not going to feel invincible.

But when it comes to the mind, the only thing that controls the state of your mind is, surprise surprise, your mind. So if you think to yourself ‘I’m invincible’, when it comes to anyone affecting your mind ie. your tranquility, contentment or your self-esteem, it’s true. Someone can smash you with a cricket bat and compromise your physical body, but there are ABSOLUTELY ZERO things anyone can do to get into your mind and bash around your self-esteem and the way you think.

There is no mental cricket bat. You are invincible. All it takes it to say it (and to believe it).

There’s a line in this song that my friend Matt loves and after listening to this song over and over about 427 times, so do I:

They’re the miracle that took me from feeling invisible to invincible.