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Instead of saying ‘I can’t…’, how about asking yourself: ‘Why can’t I?’ and ‘How can I?’

There is no such thing as “Can’t” (other than ‘I can’t live without water/oxygen etc.’, and those laws of physics which are limiting, e.g. I can’t fly to South East Asia from Australia just by flapping my arms’)*. But for everything else, there’s no can’t, only ‘Don’t’.

If you find yourself thinking you can’t do something, it’s possible to ask yourself ‘Why can’t I?’ and then ‘How can I…? (As in what steps can I take to make this more enjoyable for me.)

The ‘Why…?’ leads to better understanding of who you are and what you want. The ‘How…?’ leads to a solution that is true to that exact same person.

*Which like all laws in physics are constantly changing though.