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When something shitty happens, how long’s it take you to chill the fuck out, and return to a state of indifference?

If you drop and break your phone, or get some news that pisses you off, smash your car, or you run into someone you hoped you never would again, do your emotions immediately spiral out of control? Or can you reel them back in? And how long’s it take to get back to a calm state, to ataraxia?

A life of indifference to physical stuff breaking or relationships and their effect on you is one that can not break you. Nothing at all can go into your brain and start short circuiting shit or just smashing shit up like a crazy person in a beauty supply shop in Detroit.

Physical stuff is just stuff and the only way emotional stuff (e.g. insults, bad news, arguments etc.) can effect you is if you let it. It affects you not by itself –it’s the meaning you attach to it that does.