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I’m hungover. But is telling yourself ‘I’m hungover’ or ‘I’m sick’ just a self-fulfilling prophecy?

I go for the Oakland Raiders in the NFL. And last night I watched this happen:

Anyway, I celebrated like it was 99BC and now my head hurts and I want to vomit. But is it possible to detach yourself from the pain? Because when you’re sick or hungover, the mind has not been affected at all. Just your body.

The same goes for someone who says they’re sick (or worse yet ‘I feel like I’m about to get sick). Does saying your sick, actually reinforce the feeling of sickness? Does it actually make you continue to feel poorly, or feel even worse?

Where a sick-feeling mind gets pleasure out of continuing to feel sick? Much like Seneca said that a mind that grieves for too longs starts to pleasure out of more grief, does the same happen to a sick mind? (‘sick’ as in cough-cough ah-ah-ahchoo sick, not I’m-going-to-murder-all-the-families sick)

The thing you least want to do can be the one you need to the most

Former president of Israel, Moshe Dayan was running late to some important thing once, but instead of rushing, he told his driver:

I’m running late, so slow down.

Just when you feel sick or hungover, and the last thing you want to do is continue doing what you do, your routines and get about your day, maybe that’s when you need to the most.