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(I’m going to try prove) The Philosophy of: Massimo Pigliucci (wrong. Or right)

This is one of the things that Massimo Pigluicci’s about:

And in his article, “How to Live (Like a Stoic)” in the latest issue of New Philosopher magazine, Massimo Pigliucci said this:

People think that philosophy is about pondering, and ideally answering, questions like the following ones: Does life have meaning? What is a life worth living? How can we best deal with the negative moments in life? But if you walk into a typical modern university philosophy department, seeking a professor to help you out with those queries, you will be sorely disappointed. Instead, you will be offered training in formal logic (which doesn’t hurt, for sure), a bit of history of philosophy (mostly dead white men, but increasingly less so of late), and a lot of thought experiments based on absurdly unlikely situations…

I’m going to ask everyone in my University’s philosophy department to see if I prove him wrong (or right).

We’ll see what happens. And if he’s spot on,  or not.