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Is ignorance bliss? How might it not be?

When you’re a kid, your vocabulary is limited to what you have learned so far. But with each significant period (1 year, 2 years, 5 years) you expand on that vocab, and upon your experience exponentially. But you’re perception of what upsets you, hurts you, scares you is restricted by how you process it in words.

So though you may scared of the boogedy man or  the ghost under the bed, but you’re not yet accustomed to anxious fears of adulthood and ones related to mortality. So something you have no idea of tagging, and consequently processing through examination, you have no hope of overcoming and adapting to

Ignoring shitty things may not be bliss, because if you can’t process your fears in terms of language that puts it all in the proper perspective, you may be greatly exaggerating your fears, due to not being able to express them properly –to yourself or to others.

With self-examination and self-reflection (the opposite of ignorance in this case) you may learn, and teach yourself, through language just how justified your fears, anxieties or worries are. Broader language –or at least broader and deeper self-examination– leads to a greater and more satisfied and contented life.