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Hypothetical: If you could choose between dying peacefully (and unaware) during your sleep, or die FULLY AWARE, but have ONE SECOND after your heart stops (and before your brain shuts down) where you could see the universe’s entire past and future and understand every single thing in the universe ever (alas Lucy in yep ‘Lucy’), which would you choose? & The Philosophy of: Lucy [pt.4]

There’s one thing, just one, that is impossible to ever know about. One thing that no one can ever experience and tell us about, for us to know, for a fact, what it’s like. And yep, that is pretty much my favourite topic to talk about, (just behind this): death.

We think death is a terrible event. At least for those around the person who dies. But… what if… it’s actually not that bad… or… even god damn fucking incredible experience? We do not know (and I don’t count near death experiences, or those brought back to life in cardiac arrest or whatever, because those situations still don’t fundamentally conform to death as a permanent  cessation of life)

Death and Time

Our common idea of time (that of years, days, minutes, hours etc.) has confused our perception of it. Have you ever noticed that in an emergency situation, or some other dramatic time, time stands still? Because that could be the real meaning of time – ie. there is none. Or at least not one that is marked by integers. The only thing time might actually do is move forward, but that may be it’s only significance – it may have none in terms of duration. It’s possible that what we know as a second lasts as long as million years.

So one second can still feel like it lasts a lifetime. And if you could have one second of time at the end of your life where you could understand how plants communicate with each other, understand the physics that underpins absolutely everything we see (and don’t), understand what is the one purpose of life, comprehend the consciousness of every single living thing, be completely connected to (and feel the connection to) every living and organic thing in the universe and you could see all the way back to the formation of the universe, and all the way until its demise… would you choose that over peacefully dying in your sleep?

There’s a spoiler here, but picture being Lucy here. For one second of our time, but a second that may feel like it lasts 20 billion (or more) years.

Oh, but anyway…