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How’s the weather?

I’ve come to realize it’s not realistic to think the weather is always good (even in heavy rain or storms). Especially if you’ve planned an outdoor wedding and a monsoonal rain rolls in and doesn’t quit until the moment the wedding’s over.

Or maybe it is. Is a wet bride whose hair and makeup gets ruined and a groom whose suit gets ruined really that bad? In the context of truly bad things, it’s not. But for the purposes of this, I’m going to take a somewhat conservative view.

So it’s not realistic to say the weather is good everyday, but instead of saying the weather is good or bad, it is realistic to describe it objectively.

Person #1: ‘Bad weather today…’
Person #2: ‘No it’s not. The temperature is 8°C and there’s a strong wind.’

How many times have you heard someone come back from a holiday and say, ‘The weather was good’ or that it was terrible? One of my students just did today.

So if the first thing someone mentions is the weather –and ‘first’ usually = ‘most important’ or ‘most significant’– doesn’t that mean that the quality of their weekend or holiday was dependant on something they have absolutely 0.0% of control over?

What if the weather sucks every day of your life?

Person #1 on their death bed: ‘I wish I had lived a good life, but unfortunately every day of it, the weather was bad.’