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I hope today goes absolutely wretchedly for you. – A Deep Dive into: The wonderous beauty of Pessimism & The philosophy of: Alain De Botton (on Pessimism)

Any shitty thing that happens in our lives happens not because it is indeed a shitty thing, it only is shitty because of our predetermined lofty expectations of how we hoped it would turn out.

The fact that we expected it to be the opposite of shitty, or at least less shitty in the first place is what’s to blame for our ultimate disappointment and feelings of woe.

But there is great joy and liberation in expecting nothing to go right. For you to lose everything you cherish, to be fired, be diagnosed with a terminal illness, get evicted from your house, your best friend to stop talking to you altogether, your partner to dump you…

Though these may be morbid thoughts, they are not so as to depress us –they are to lower our expectations, to completely eviscerate every little last atom of optimistic expectation from our being.  And as a result, any day that doesn’t go horrifically for you can be cause for euphoric celebration.