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Is All Hope Lost?: Over a Day Into English Premier League’s Social Media Boycott, 1.8 million-year-old Social Phenomenon, Racism Still Exists

More than a day into the English Premier League’s boycott of all social media, Racism–a social prejudice more than 1.5 million years old–still persists. 

The news comes as a blow to the English FA, who originally initiated the social media embargo to take a stand against racist and other types of online discriminatory behaviour. The 3-day lockout of all social media aims to do not really sure what, but in the eyes of the English Premier League it is crystal clear; they believe that this boycott will definitely be performed in a way that was planned and its results will those that occur.

Unfortunately, racism still exists, but there is good news, because the boycott is only a day in. Because hopefully by the end of it (Monday 23:59 on Monday 3 May) racism will be no longer and will just be something resigned to history books and something told by your delirious grandparents.

Wow. We can only hope that the next day and a half is completely different, because the first 36 hours of the English Premier League’s social media boycott still hasn’t ended racism. Stay tuned though!