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Your happiness must come from within you. Nowhere (or from no one) else. (& The Philosophy of: Ben Lee – Happiness creates happiness.)

If you wanna fix a problem, then you gotta be happy.
Being happy is the only way out of a mess.
If you wanna fix a problem, then you gotta be happy,
’cause happiness creates happiness.
– From Ben Lee’s Happiness

There’s not a single person on planet earth that can make you happy, content, satisfied with yourself and give you your true self-worth other than you.

Relying on someone else to make you happy is inherently a faulty strategy, as the only person that has to spend 24 hours a day with you, and your thoughts (of how happy and content you truly are) is you.

If you choose to be happy, and create happiness from within (or perhaps more powerfully, eudaemonia), and create a sense of emotional independence and adaptability within, you not only create a life that is worth living, you also attract happy, emotionally independent (but still emotionally available), sympathetic and beautiful people into it. People who don’t need you, but choose to include you in their life, because of what you add to it. And it also may create the truly happy experiences that you most enjoy (when with someone, or if you’re on your own). (While, doing the opposite of the former may lead to attracting people who are the opposite of the latter).

So whatever is going on your life, think of the things you have to be happy about.

Think about the things that so many others in the world would want, be desperate to have, or someone would even love to just have a for a day, hour or even minute (pick one of your senses. Boom. Or clean drinking water. Or health care. Or shelter. Or a night of sleep safe in the knowledge your house won’t get hit by a missile, or not having to worry that picking up what you think is a potato could actually be a grenade about to detonate). Or even life itself (one day you’ll no longer be alive. Right now you still are. That’s pretty fucking cool). So, start there, and you’ll see there’s a lot about your life, and life in general which is beautiful.

Now breathe. There’s always at least one reason to be happy.