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Hacking my relationship

Today, my wife and I took our dog, Chunky to Point Cartwright. It was drizzling on the way there and soon enough it started to come down heavily.

(Sidenote: I love when it rains and I’m in a public place – not only do you, more times than not, end up having the place to yourself, but when you get drenched, the experience also tends to be more memorable. Something about the tangibility of it. I do however agree it’s different if you have technology on you – I’d hate to ruin something I use a lot because of the rain and then have to buy another one).

My wife doesn’t see it exactly the same way though, and she did have her bag, with her phone on her; I had 1 pair on shorts on and 1 dog with me and 0 else. As the pellets from above came down heavier and heavier, I took shelter with her under a overhanging Eucalyptus, to see what she wanted to do. The heavier the rain, the better in my opinion, but I also wanted to be there with her.

So as she, I and Chunky stood in the rain, umming and aaahing about whether she prefers to try wait it out or go home, I pulled her close to me, kissed her once, and then with one simple sentence, I turned the whole dour weather situation for her into the sunniest day there ever was, complete with blue skies and a sun that had a pair of sunglasses on:

‘This is just like The Notebook.’

She laughed, her eyes smiled and she kissed me back. Yes! At that moment I understood women.

Unfortunately that moment is over and there will only be exactly 1 of that moment.

I’ve never seen that movie and Noa did try to get us to watch it once, but I started to get really sleepy 20 minutes in. But even every guy knows that scene.

I don’t know if ‘This is just like a notebook’ can work in other situations and other places and times when your partner’s in a crappy mood, but it’s worth a try.

Next time your partner’s had a bad day at work?
You: ‘This is just like The Notebook.’

Her friend isn’t get back to her and she’s called her twice and texted her once too?
You: ‘This is just like The Notebook.’

Your partner: ‘I miss my family.’
You: ‘This is just like The Notebook.’

Try it. I will.

You’re welcome.