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This is the greatest Love/Break Up song in all the history of all the musics ever – The philosophy of: All This Love (and Rainbow Stylin’)

There’s nothing more absurd, while being amazing at the same time, as love. But the closest thing is art. And there aren’t any other things we dive into, embark upon blindly or get completely swept away by. But nothing connects us to each other than those two things. And love (and break up) songs do both at the same time.

Watch this:

How absurd is that one human emotion, that someone feels for (or about) someone else can…:

1) Make someone dance around like that?
2) Make a video like that, where you dance around like that, in the clouds?
3) Make that video and film it all seemingly in one take (check out lead singer. He just gradually gets sweatier and sweatier, from start to finish. I’m tellin’ ya, that was filmed in one go, and they goddamn nailed it.)
4) Make one guy dance around like the lead singer does, literally on cloud nine, fist-pumping and all like:

While at the same time, his mate in the background is all depressed and jealous (’cause he can’t Rainbow Style?), all like:

5) To actually say the words ‘Rainbow Stylin‘, in a song (while dancing around like that in the clouds) and it makes complete sense? 

Welcome to Love. The most human and cryptic thing we do. Love makes us do some fucked up and weird but simultaneously beautiful shit. 

Like Rainbow Stylin’.

Sidenote: Here you go – here’s ten hours of it: