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Gratitude for my mum

If you google ‘What’s the most important thing in life?’ I doubt ‘gratitude’ comes up as the #1 result¹. But it is. Gratitude for being alive, gratitude for having what you have, gratitude for being able to experience all the good stuff that’s in the world, nature, the ocean and all the stuff in between, and most importantly perhaps, gratitude for the people who made us who we are.

Speaking of mums sending me things, my mum sent me this today, on Mothers Day:

This is from Mothers Day in 2004 (just under 7 months before she started dating her now-husband Ray, another one of the people I’m grateful to have in my life). My mum and I went for lunch in a cafe in Fitzroy, Melbourne (and today, she also reminded me it was an extra expensive lunch for me –when we got back to the car, I had got a parking ticket).

My mum taught me not to depend on anyone, although she was (and has been) always there when I needed her. I’m content with all I have in my life, the people in my life and with myself. I keep trying to improve to live a better life and be a better husband, friend, brother and son, but it’s my mum that was the first person that taught me how to be strong in tough times and that being happy with yourself is how you become happy with life.

If you also googled, ‘What’s the most important thing on the internet?’ I doubt this comes up. But ‘The Tail End’ will be the most important and cherished time with the people you love. I’m grateful for my mum and that she got me to this point in life –where I realise all that’s important in life are the people in it, gratitude and contentment. I love you, mama.

Dave (‘Dawidek’)

¹Actually, what comes up is this:

‘The ability to see things as they are and not as you ‘think’ they are is one of the most important thing you will learn in your life. Most people don’t have this ability. They think they do, but they don’t. They see the outside world like they ‘think’ about it.’

² Actually what comes up is this:

‘The Most Important Thing on the Internet Is the Screenshot’