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Get over it

If you’re feeling bad, about 9 times out of 10, those 3 words are the best sympathy anyone can give you. There are genuinely some serious situations that call for grief, sadness or disappointment, but at least in my life, about 9 out of 10 times they don’t.

Not long ago, my wife started saying those three words to me when I’ve been pissed off by little things. Things even as meaningless as someone not replying to my emails.

Our mind is the most powerful thing on the planet and it’s the one thing we have total control over. No one else can touch it. I let trivial things like the email thing or my car breaking down get to me. Throughout history, people have been through unspeakable hardships and tragedies, and somehow made it through. Yet sometimes we make the smallest things seem like a disaster. I know I do.

There’s 2 sure things in life:
Sure Thing #1: We were born
Sure Thing #2: We die
The goal is to enjoy the time between Sure Thing #1 and Sure Thing #2. Unless it’s a tragedy that’s happened, get over it.