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Gamechanger: This Hacker Does Not Wear a Hoodie and is Also Seen Using Her Computer in Daylight

Creator of the open-source, free sharing database of scientific publications Sci-Hub, Alexandra Elbakyan is revolutionising the world of technology by being a hacker who does not wear a black hoodie and constantly using her computer in the dark.

In her own words, her online scientific publication database Sci-Hub is “removing the barriers to science”, allowing scientists, clinicians and students all around the world to access previously closed content, available only to those with often expensive subscriptions. What’s really remarkable about what she does is that she not always cloaked in a black hoodie. Wow!

An interesting side note about her is that her creation of the open-access scientific publication database has been called ‘an awe-inspiring act of altruism or a massive criminal enterprise, depending on whom you ask.’ What’s truly remarkable about her is her lack of hoodie, coupled with her doing computers in well-lit areas that.