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Friday Flips [pt.5]: Queen’s Somebody To Love – The philosophy of: Being on your own and being alright with it (alright, alright)

What are the songs that make you instantly feel relaxed and chilled as fuck? The songs that after a week of work, you put on and instantly feel like you just nailed the week? The ones that take you away to the beach in your mind, that place where you feel connected to who you truly are, and all that’s truly important… The ones that connect you to the fact that you all you need to be happy is to be alive… Or the songs that make you instantly think that, shit, life is fucking brilliant…? Or maybe just the ones that remind us that even though something might feel sucky, things could be suckier or even suckiererer…?


Who do you you need in your life? And is it possible you need them more than you think you do?

Nevertheless, it’s possible that you don’t need anyone, but you want people, certain ones in your life. Because if you don’t find someone that is worthy of your love, and you are secure with yourself and happy to be you, either way, with or without somebody to love, you will actually be alright (he’s alright, he’s alright).

Can you only truly love others after you first truly love yourself? – The Philosophy of: Queen’s Somebody to Love (on Self-Love)