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When it feels like the worst has come to the worst, and you feel like you’re suffering the worst of the worst alone, you never are.

If someone had a knife to your throat, and you were certain they were going to go slashy-slashy … what’s the one thing you’d wish for? A good job? To be happy? To be rich?

Or just to live?… To live a bit longer?

Well, luckily that’s (probably) not happening to you… so, when times are tough, you at least have the one thing you (hypothetically) just wished for.

Life can be fucking bullshit sometimes, and it can be difficult, or even impossible, to remember what’s good about it when stuff turns to shit.

But there is value in among those times of the people within your life, and though you may feel like you’re the only one going through the shitty thing, it’s far from the truth, because when you suffer, others, those who care about you, feel your suffering.

Though we want the best for those around us, it’s in the times when things are shitty that we truly connect. Because the worst sometimes does come to the worst, and anyway, a last resort of comfort, just when things actually feel like they are the worst for you, may be the knowledge eventually the worst comes to us all…


How can we best deal with life’s sucky times?