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If you fear a future might not be the one you want, don’t avoid the thought. Imagine it, picture it in great detail, you might find it’s not so bad or even actually much better than you think.

We often fear the unknown. In fact, maybe most of our fears are about things that might happen. Or maybe not.

So if you’re tossing up a decision between one thing or another, especially when it’s between two things you value, imagine both of them (independently). Picture it in microscopic detail, what do you look like, what do you feel like, where are you, are you happy, does it suck? Is it really that bad/so good?…

Delusion of who we are and possible outcomes in our life, as well as constant fear of our possible (often unlikely) future leads to misery. Acceptance and realisation and in-depth analysis of who you are and whether that possible future is one you want, can lead to contentment.