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Everything in billions of years of evolution, and everyone and everything you care about is the size of that (sort of) dot on my hand. You’re welcome.

Step 1 – Get a pen:

Step 2 – Make a dot:

Step 3 – Use your eyeball sockets and specifically your eyeball balls to look at the dot:

That’s the size of Earth when you look at it from 900 miles away. 

Everything ever than anyone ever did, or made, or talked about. Every little problem, every financial headache, every relationship problem, takes a up a tiny, probably sub-atomic fraction of the history of the dot.

‘Nothing puts things into perspective like this’

This site is not only dedicated to my obsession with Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot video (seriously), but it pretty much is. So here it is again. Watch this every day and you’ll be fine:

And on that topic, here’s Charlie Chaplin’s speech where he plays a barber in 1940’s The Dictator, where he’s mistaken for yep, a dictator, as well as Bliss n’ Eso’s Pale Blue Dot, which if you listen to every day, you can be happy. No shit.

Sidenote: I have this thing that if, for example, shit like this can happen, then I can do anything on my own. Step two is a (pretty good, don’t ya reckon?) photo taken by holding the phone between my chin and chest.