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Everything is atoms – If you find you’re affected by someone or something, break it right down to a atomic level. Remember that thing or person is just a collection of atoms.

That’s the number of atoms on earth. All matter on the planet. And that’s all that anything you care about is. Just heaps of atoms.

People are just a collection of atoms (just like any thing), words spoken are just an arrangement of symbols to make sounds, photos are just an arrangement of pixels (which need the atoms of electronics to exist in the first place) certain clothes and sentimental things are just arrangement of atoms and then coloured in different ways, and money is just an invention used to purchase services, goods and experiences (which needed the atoms of its inventors to exist).

Some arrangements of atoms are more important, but if you find yourself overstating something or someone, remind yourself what they fundamentally are

Now, that’s not to understate the value of those things. Because, even though people are just a bunch of atoms put together, some of them can be fucking cool. And I love the arrangement of atoms that is my brother Rob, my dog Chunky, my good mates, my girlfriend, the place I live, the ocean, and some of the books I have, but at the end of it all, every one of those things are just collections of atoms (just like me).

So if you find yourself doing your head in over someone or something, remember, it’s only a collection of atoms arranged in a certain way. That’s it.