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Everything is actually going to be alright (and is) – The philosophy of: No Woman No Cry

If you’re having a day where you’re worried, anxious or uncertain (is that a bad thing?), listen to this – it’s impossible to keep feeling the same way. You can always go to your Kokomo, anytime, and anywhere you are.

And the same goes for this:

Because if you’re alive, you are one of the 10 billion people lucky enough to ever get to do it.

And when you are no longer are (an alive human person who is living) you a) won’t be able to tell whether it’s alright or not or b) it might be a crazy amount even more magic than just being alright or c) it might actually be terrible. But the thing is, death’s the one thing we know nothing about, and no one can tell us about. So for now, if you’re reading this, everything not is gonna be alright, because if you decide it’s alright now, it is alright.

And here’s another version of it from The Spanish Apartment (just with a bit more expulsion of bodily fluids than the original):