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Do you ever think of yourself as dead, lying in a box? Would you rather be dead lying in a box, or alive and in a box? Well, for one, if you choose dead in a box, you won’t even know what you’ve chosen, since you’re dead. Oh, and is life in a box better than no life at all? – The Philosophy of: Rosencrantz & Guilderstern (On the Absurdity of: Death, and our futile attempt to understand it)

We don’t understand death. It confuses the shit out of us. And by the very definition of life, in which it can not co-exist with the state of being dead, we never will. No one will ever tell you anything about death. If someone comes up to you and tries telling you what death is like, ignore them and tell them, ‘Go away, please, thank you, goodbye.’ Unless, they’re actually dead. In which case, listen. But that seems unlikely.

Would you rather be dead lying in a box, or alive in it?

Well for one, the question doesn’t make sense, because you can’t be in a box dead. You won’t know you’re dead, and you most certainly won’t know you’re in a box.

So maybe being alive in a box is better. Since being alive in a box is better than not being alive at all. And anyway, it’s the only choice you have in this fun hypothetical game anyway. You’re welcome.

Oh, and by the way, once you’re dead, you won’t miss life. Because to miss something, I’m pretty sure you have to be alive.