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When shit sucks, embrace it.

When you go through something tough, don’t deflect, deny or numb (with alcohol, drugs, distractions etc.) the feelings of how much it sucks. Embrace the shockwaves within you and that fucked up feeling in the pit of your stomach. Label it. Visualise it. Take in everything you can see and hear and feel at that moment. Write it down. Remember it.


Because when you get through it, you can look back on it as proof that a) you got through it, b) it does actually get better and easier and c) you’re capable of anything and there’s no trial, challenge or misfortune you can’t get through.

Oh and d) bonus: It’s also intensely tangible proof that you’re only one of 107 billion people ever lucky enough to experience these wild, unexplainable, sometimes-messed-up, sometimes-fucking-amazing-things known as emotions during this short as shit, but pretty fucking cool thing called Life.