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What Else Was Neil Armstrong Considering Saying As He First Stepped On The Moon?

We’ve all heard the famous words, That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for Mankind, but when Neil Armstrong stepped out of Apollo 11 to become the first man to walk on the moon, he actually was tossing up between what he ended up saying, and a bunch of other stuff that had been going through his head during the mission.

Here are the other things Armstrong was going to say as he took those famous first steps:

1. “I am Moon Man. I am Moon Man.”
2. “Heeyyyyoooooo, It’sssssssssssss…….. Moon Man!”
3. “Hmm, what smells? Oh that’s right, it’s Moon Man and he’s on the moon, bitches.”
4. “D-FENCE… D-FENCE….. Oh! The ball is stolen by Moon Man and he PUTS IT IN!”
5. “Houston, we have a problem: I’m Moon Man and you isn’t.”
6. “For a real spicy trip to the Orient, try Moon Man’s new exotic range of imported Chinese Sauces & Pastes. Available now from all good grocery stores.”
7. (singing) “How many moons must a Moon Man walk on, before you can call him Moon Man?”
8. “Hello Operator… Yes?... It’s Moon Man here.”
9. “Touchdownnnnn Moon Man!”
10. “Knock Knock… Who’s there?… Moon… Moon Who?… Moon Man.”
11. (chanting) “I am so great. I am so great. I am Moon Man, I am so great.”


Whoa, so there you have it. History could have been so different!