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Myth Shattering: 93% Of Married Couples Report They Have Sex At Least 5,000 Times A Day

Forget all your misconceptions about married couples and how active (or inactive) their sex lives are, because this is going to shock you to your core! Despite the cliché that wedding bells are a death knell for a couple’s sex life, a survey of 2600 married couples across Oregon, USA reported that in actual fact, not only do 99.7% of couples report having sex daily, but 78% engage in marital coitus at least fifty times a day (far above the previously expected 0 times a year), while 93% said they do it anywhere from five-ten thousand times daily.

Wow! Talk about marriage mythbusting!

University of Oregon lead researcher, Dr Carol Tiberi said, “Although these numbers are higher than expected, it is not entirely surprising that married couples are having sex this many times a day. In fact, I’m surprised the numbers they’re reporting aren’t higher.”

Among the other surprising preconception-shattering revelations were the facts that 5.3% of couples reported having sex over ten thousand times a day and 1.4% said they engage in sexual activity one million times a day (and sometimes up to one-and-a-half million if the kids are away at Summer Camp).

Incredible! This just goes to show that you can’t judge a book by its cover!