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A Deep Dive into: Love [pt.2] – Three alternatives to maybe the most confused word in the English language) + The Philosophy of Plato on Love in ‘The Symposium’

This is a deep dive into the one word that may be more confused or have a greater subjective meaning than any other in the English language: Love. What does it really mean?


He is not constant, because he loves something that is not constant: as soon as the bloom of the body fades, which is what attracted him, “he flies away and is gone”, bring disgrace upon all he said and promised.But the man who loves goodness of character is constant throughout his life, since he has become united with something constant.
– In Plato’s
The Symposium

Is the love of a friend, and the love expressed in friendship the most pure form of love there is? It may be that it’s a simple problem of semantics. But when we say the word ‘love’ it comes with a range of pre-determined values and expectations and meaning that maybe nobody else in the world actually would understand in exactly the same way.