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A Deep Dive into: Marriage – if everything changes and everything that begins must end, and it’s the natural order of things, is marriage also a selfish act?

Sidenote: Now this is another potentially flammable issue that contains that pesky thing known as emotion, but I’m going to attempt to address this issue in as dispassionate way as I can, for the purposes of a valid discussion.

I’ve been married, and now I’m not. So, where I previously had one wife, I now have exactly 1.0 wives less that. It’s purely a case of mathematics. And mathematics –much like marriage– are both inventions of mankind.

There is the theory that to understand the nature of everything, you need to understand mathematics. But that’s a contentious one. Mathematics would have no purpose if there was nothing to understand. So it’s possible that mathematics is just a language used for us to make sense of the natural stuff that happens.¹

But it could be difficult to argue that without being married, you don’t exist.

So why do we do it?

Marriage has historically been a rite to consolidate power, to align powerful families with one another, or just made good financial and legal sense.

So where was romance and the idea of ‘love’? back then? If it wasn’t such a big deal, then it could be argued that it’s a recent invention, much like Seasonal Affective Disorder or Internet Addiction Disorder.

Firstly, those words are just an arrangement of scribbly lines (alphabetic letters) put together in a series that gives sense to whatever unnatural act we are describing.

Secondly, they contravene our nature, by our pure existence.

Everything ends, and if it is leading to that end or change, it should be allowed to. Trees don’t have to consider whether shedding their leaves could bring about legal ramifications. They just do it. Because that’s the nature of things.

¹ There is of course the theory that the world is so complex that it had to have been constructed according to some rigid parametersdid someone say… Simulation?