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A Deep Dive into: Love [pt.7] – The Philosophy of: Being in a relationship

This is a deep dive into the one word that may be more confused or have a greater subjective meaning than any other in the English language: Love. So what does it really mean?


Every relationship (and friendship) must end. Which is why is it absurd that we must go into every relationship hoping it will last forever. But this is something that can make it all the more meaningful. The assumption that someone won’t leave you, or that something is forever doesn’t lead to appreciation, gratitude and enjoyment. There is nothing that is permanent, and just like a relationship, the appreciation for its temporary nature (of it and our lives) can bring us even closer and make it all the more powerful.

So the relationship of two people which bring out the best in each other, as well as the one in which each person truly wants the best for the other (no matter the personal consequences) is the one that is a true relationship of love.

This is why your life single probably wasn’t better:

And another diamond from The School of Life on how to choose that person who is good for you: