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A Deep Dive into: The Future of Humanity & Why we have kids [pt.3]: My ethical conclusion

This is my opinion on my we have kids in a world where we are already the ‘dominant’ species. This is my ethical view for, and this is the against sidego here. For background on this (and what I mean by dominant), go herepart 1 of this series, and part 2.


There’s over 7 billion people in this planet. So, our numbers are good. And there’s a bunch of kids who are already alive who need help, guidance and support. So it’s possible the only place that we could justify having more and more kids –because our population needs to grow– is on Mars.

If you’re sent to Mars, among the first group that go, it’s going to be really important that everyone starts getting it asap, because it actually is necessary to grow the population and strengthen humanity in such a tenuous situation.

We can help those kids on this planet who need our help and leadership, and then once we create a world where everyone gets some sort of support and positive influence from adults, maybe then we can start pumping out the kids again. This is of course hypothetical, and I don’t know if this would work any more than you do (in fact I’m sure it pretty much cannot, with the way the world is now), but anyway, it’s healthy to acknowledge that procreation and having babies is by nature a selfish pursuit.

But that’s okay. Because each species has had to be, and must continue to be selfish in some way. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be here today.