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A Deep Dive into: Fear [pt.8] – The fear of not meeting someone before your looks deteriorate. (& The Philosophy of: I Feel Pretty)

When you think about how many couples get married and divorced, and how many in relationships that involve cheating, lying, infidelity etc.. why does this happen?

Now, sure there are most likely a lot of relationships that involve none of the above, and actually are based completely on trust and mutual respect and sensitivity, but is it possible that some of those dysfunctional relationships and marriages were entered into because of a fear of ‘I have to meet someone before I get ugly and no one wants me’, or ‘I’m too old and not pretty enough to end this relationship and either live the life I want to live, or find someone who is better suited to the life I want to live?

If there’s one thing that is more attractive (and long lasting) than external, superficial looks, it’s a confidence that is a result of a grounded, self-aware, balanced and humble person, who can put proper perspective on anything that happens or exists. It’s not whether someone’s thin, fat, bald, tall or short, has a nice butt, or big boobs; it’s knowing that those things a) you have no control over (naturally) and b) don’t matter one bit.

So in I Feel Pretty, yes Amy Schumer’s character may be right that your looks are what people judge you by, but those judgements have absolutely zero ability to infiltrate your mind and actually affect your judgement of your own self. Unless you let them…