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A Deep Dive into: Fear [pt.13] – Why be afraid of saying hey to an unknown human? (The Philosophy of: The School of Life)

Since it’s halloween, this is another of a Deep Dive into the emotion that dictates most, if not all, our decisions –fear.

What do you have to lose by saying hi to someone you find interesting? What possible destruction to our life that could be done to us just by opening our mouths and forcing words out them in order to possible make a connection with someone?

The things we fear may happen don’t actually happen in this era of human existence, and if, in the context of the history of the universe, we will all be dead in the blink of an eye, what difference does it make whether we take a risk and say hey, or not? The difference is that if we do go for it, we may form a bond that introduces us to feelings or parts of ourselves or new experiences, the heights of which we had no idea were possible of reaching. Not going for it, well, that can pretty much only end in the status quo… just that it may come with hours, days or even months of regret or at least wondering ‘what if I had…?’

Approaching new people hoping to make a connection or friendship (or maybe even more) and what’s Monty Python got to do with it (inspired by my mate Matt.)