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A Deep Dive into: Fear [pt.10] – The fear of looking like a weirdo

This is a deep dive into the emotion that possibly decides more things in our life (or our whole life?): Fear. 
How many times have you stopped yourself from asking a question you were wondering, started a conversation with someone you wanted to or even from just saying hi to someone?

Maybe never, so well done. But if you have, is it because you don’t want to look like a weirdo? That you don’t want to look stupid? That you might be ostracised and worry that every time those people see you next, they’ll think ‘There goes that weirdo again’.

Fuck it. Life goes by a blink, and think of all the people who worried about tiny inconsequential things throughout history. Where are those concerns now? 

Risk vs potential payoff

There is no risk involved in doing those things I mentioned above. But the potential payoff of a good conversation, a good laugh or a good friend (or maybe more) is well worth. Well worth the 0.00000 risk involved,