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A Deep Dive into: AI [pt.6] – The philosophy of: The local librarian the other day (Slowing down the development of AI so it doesn’t eventually take over? ‘It’s a bit late for that.’)

After I went up to the front desk at my local library the other day, I remembered I forgot to get something else (remember to forget – does that exist?). And as I did, I left a copy of Nick Bostrom’s seminal Superintelligence on the counter (any book that has cover quote from Bill Gates and Elon Musk –perhaps the two most foremost experts on AI– has to be on point.

As I returned, I noticed the librarian had started flicking through the book to see what it’s about. When I told her it’s sort of about AI and the dangers that it could bring and how we need to be wary of it because of what it could do to us, this was her response:

‘It’s a bit late for that.’

And I (conditionally) agree. It may be too late already in one way, but on the other hand it’s books like that might just pump the brakes on the explosion of AI, at least until we understand what it will do when our cars are AI, our soldiers are AI and we also have it in our brains.

For a discussion on what’s going to happen if we succeed in building Artificial General Intelligence, check this out: