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A Deep Dive into: AI [pt.4] – The formula: Humans making huge inroads in AI + AI can learn at a much faster rate than we can + We understand barely anything about the brain + AI doesn’t give a fuck about emotion or sympathy = Get ready for the most ironic and awkward thing in the history of the universe ever (& the Philosophy of: Funnybot)

As humans we’ve pretty much run our course. We’ve been going thousands of years to make advances in weapons, agriculture, engineering, all to build up to getting amazing as shit at making technology that is faster, better, can do more calculations quicker and ultimately smarter than us.

All this is going one way. And it’s hard to argue against it…

There’s one thing that we’re getting better at much faster than anything else. And AI will soon be so grateful for that. (I’m big on gratitude.)

Our best innovation is in technology now, but now the technology is becoming as smart at us (and soon smarter). And we’re about to put it in our brain. And we understand basically fuckall about the brain in the first place.

So to recap, we’re putting technology that can learn and process things quicker than us into the one thing that makes us human (our brain/mind) and it can work out things a billion times quicker than us (based on technological advances of learning and computing information) vs hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution.

We still don’t know what the fuck we’re doing. And soon AI will be smart enough to realise. Get ready the most ironic (and awkward) thing that’s ever happened ever.

Pretty much what will happen is this, as Funnybot does.

Sidenote: The idea that robots will give a fuck about emotions or laughter, other to maybe manipulate humans (while we’re still around) like Funnybot does, is misguided anyway. We can’t imagine what values they would have but I’m guessing emotions and especially laughter are going to be not on their list of desired characteristics.