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A Deep Dive into: AI [pt.3] – Humans are limited by their ability to process and transfer information but also by our inability to accept information we’ve heard billions and billions and billions and billions of times, over and over and over. And the (interesting, but NOT NEW AT ALL) philosophy of: Salu

I’m not a robot. But the limitations of the things that make us human, seem to far outweigh those that AI already has (and will continue to improve upon at crazy ass rates).

We as humans already know that it’s pointless to regret the past because it never comes back, that worrying about the past is useless, that our time is short and we should try to just live the best way we can with the people around us, and that California is an interesting place that a lot of people think is cool, yet we still forget it and to remember it, we need to be reminded in music, TED talks, self-books over and over and over and over and over.

A computer on the other hand… If you were tell it that all you need to be happy is to exist and to maintain that exist with the few fundamental elements it actually needs, it would process that information (probably in 0.00000000000001 second) and –badda boom, badda bam– it knows it now. It’ll never again bitch about traffic being slow or that they aren’t happy because the weather sucks.

This is Salu, who’s kind a Japanese version of Allday. And here in the chorus he says:

There are no second chances at life
This is my life, you know
Even if we have regrets, we can’t be stopped
There are no second chances at life
This is my life, you know
I wonder how it will turn out
I don’t know what our future will be like…I don’t know

Cool song and cool chorus with a cool meaning. But what’s the point here? It’s nothing you haven’t heard before in songs like a billion times across all the genres before. But even though we understand it’s true, us humans need to be reminded of it again and again and again and again and again and again and again to believe it (and we still need convincing).

I’m not a robot, but I’m firmly in the camp that this is the main reason why, once AI overtakes us in terms of processing power, we’re fucked. Because we kind of deserve it for our inefficiency, especially at processing shit we ourselves have said and heard for thousands of years and will continue to say and hear over and over again and again until we’re deemed obsolete and useless and worthless by AI.

Again: not a robot.*


I would though volunteer to be a guinea pig for the first Neural link experiments. No fucking doubt about it. So, if you know someone, put a word in.