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Is Death seriously some annoying thing that can just be cured, like cholera or short-sightedness? AND the philosophy of: Everyone Ever (if it could be.)

How would what we consider to be ‘living’ change if we could live forever? Well for one, you probably wouldn’t be investing a fuckload of time and money and effort in learning skills that in 10, 20, 30, 50 years you won’t be needed for, because well, either for reason #1: automation or reason #2 AI-go-bang-bang-and-make-humans-go-byebye.

And how many more risks would people take? Maybe life would be even more exciting because you couldn’t die, if you could die, but only from freak accidents and not from ageing?

But on the other hand maybe we’d take far fewer risks, and live far more conservatively or boringly, because if you died at 35 let’s say, you’re not missing out on another 35 years (on the back end of your life), but I don’t know, 100, 200, or 50,000 years. That’s a lot to lose.

Here’s a sweet video from my new hero: some site or person something called CGP Grey. Freaking excellent…

and one from Kurzgesagt, another bunch of legends doing excellent stuff: