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This was the best ever scene in That 70s show.

Over the past few years, my fiancee and I have watched that scene so many times, and every time we laughed that I was Kelso and she was Jackie.

It’s actually the other way around (well, kind of).

I’m only 12 days away from getting married. And I’m not really worried about it, nor am I making too much of a big deal of it. Noa is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with, so, why not? So in that situation, I’m neither Kelso nor Jackie.

But, turns out… Noa is Kelso.

She showed her workmates that video when they were talking about our wedding and one of them laughed and asked, ‘Is that Dave?’ and she said something like, ‘No it’s me!’

She says she is both Kelso and Jackie at the same time. So on the day, I guess I’ll have to make sure I’m neither of them. Not freaking out because we’re getting married but also not making too much of a big deal of it either. I can do that.

After all, I do want to make it from ‘Dances’ all the way to ‘Death’ with her.

Happy Valentine’s!